WATCH: What You Need To Know — April 6, 2020: Join Me Live! — New Orleans Hotspot — Coronavirus Chronicles

1. Churches Open Their Doors To Coronavirus

What You Need To Know:

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is a Christian observation that falls on the Sunday before Easter. 

2. Politics Not So Usual

What You Need To Know:

The Wisconsin primaries are scheduled to be held Tuesday, but in what form? Schools and most businesses are closed due to a “safe-at-home” order, similar to the shelter-in-place order. 

3. Coronavirus Update: New Orleans Coronavirus Death Rate Is Double That Of New York City Per Capita

What You Need To Know: 

On several Sunday morning news shows, top U.S. officials attempted to prepare the public for a dismal week as infections and deaths from the coronavirus pandemic escalate. 

4. Coronavirus Chronicles: Bus Driver Who Complained About Woman’s Cough Dies Of COVID-19

What You Need To Know:

The coronavirus is killing Americans by the thousands. Despite warnings, people are just not understanding what this means. 

5. Intelligence Inspector General Fired

What You Need To Know:

Friday night, the White House notified the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Intelligence Inspector General has been suspended.

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