Tomi Lahren sparks controversy with “patriotic” Halloween costume

October 30, 2017

Tomi Lahren sparks controversy with “patriotic” Halloween costume news 1x1.trans

Tomi Lahren posted a picture of her Halloween costume, and Twitter wasn’t about to hold back when they saw it.

Lahren’s costume consisted of a “Make America Great Again” swimsuit, a fanny pack decorated with the stars and stripes, and an American flag draped behind her like wings.

“Oh, L.A., get ready to find your safe spaces! What am I? Well if you’re a conservative, I’m American AF. If you’re a lib, I’m ‘offensive.’ Let’s go,” Lahren wrote on the caption of her costume.

Of course, the Internet wasn’t going to let that one go, especially considering Lahren has been such an outspoken critic of the NFL protests, claiming that the players who take a knee during the national anthem are disrespecting the flag.

“I would like to ask these players ‘What exactly are you kneeling for and why have you chosen the flag and the anthem to do it?’ […] “I would like to ask those same players, ‘What would it take to get you to stand and respect the anthem?’” Lahren said during a recent appearance on Fox & Friends.

And yet, as many Twitter users pointed out, Lahren is the one showing disrespect to the flag with her costume, because it is in violation of the flag code.

Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8 of the code, “Respect for the Flag,” states: “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.” And as several people on Twitter pointed out, that’s exactly what Lahren is doing here.









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