The’ Hamburglar’: Woman surrenders after McDonald’s drive-thru heist goes viral

Jessica Marie Cross (Howard County police)

A 27-year-old woman has been arrested and dubbed the Hamburgler after breaking into a Columbia, Maryland McDonald’s according to Howard Country police.

The video of a woman breaking in through the drive-thru window was posted online and quickly went viral leading them to the suspect.

Jessica Marie Cross was arrested on Thursday morning and has been charged with burglary and theft.

Cops were called to the restaurant at approximately 5 am on November 5. An employee had gotten to work that morning and found that cash registers disturbed and the door to the office open. Police determined that $1,400 in cash had been taken.

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When they watched the security cameras they saw a white Hyundai Sonata pull up to the drive-thru to place an order. The business was closed so instead of ordering food the old-fashioned way she helped herself to some cash inside, among other things.

Cross was inside the McDonald’s for about 35 minutes. While there she stole money, a purse, some food and some Happy Meal toys. She tried to be a careful thief by attempting to disable the security cameras and wiping her fingerprints from the scene.

After finding out she was a wanted woman, Cross turned herself into police on Thursday.



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