The Day You Go To Walt Disney & The POC Ruin It For Everyone!

October 25, 2019

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  1. Damn shame lol

  2. Whyyyy spend all that money just to get kicked out and ban for life from the happiest place on Earth

  3. Ridiculous embarrassing from this day forward I'm not black

  4. "Less gay, but only by a smidge" #4theculture

  5. I gotta know, What is POC?

  6. Black men are too puss y to fight like men so they hit each others girls. These are your KANGZ ladies

  7. diabetes flying everywhere!

  8. Omg chill with the singing. Make separate vids for that

  9. After a while in park they unterstand that the people from there is to boring , Disneyland was no so entertaiment and fun like there fight in family! Poor there children, who are going to do the same like parents!!

  10. If I started a channel doing the same thing as Tommy, I'd be called racist and YouTube would ban me. Tommy, I think you have black privilege. Lol

  11. They didn't go to jail because Disney got their money and kicked them out. Lol

  12. I'm singing it.

  13. This is hilarious and people donr wanna say shit cuz they black

  14. I died when Tommy said "she's related to Mackauly Culkin" lmfao

  15. What is really funny is all the happy music playing in the background.

  16. Toon Town lolol .We know what she meant. DAmn that funny

  17. searching for my lost baggie of crack.

  18. Pound Town.

  19. How come no real cops ?…only mall cops

  20. I wonder if Florida's Disney has this Wakanda Exhibit.

  21. Bebe's Kids don't die they multiply small world small world

  22. I'm listening to this Sapp,saying the white lady being slick with her,he ain't doing to bad with his mouth. And the thing that gets me is Black People are Supporting this Fool. When the Revolution comes Tj Sotomayor's head is going to be on someone's wall. He doesn't even try to fix or build us up. Oh and COULD SOMEONE TELL HIM TO STOP SINGING.

  23. Pretty sure he met West Coast, but no big deal.

  24. lmao hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha omg!!!!!!!

  25. OMG Tommy…lolz…Disney is garbage…shitty food and totally overpriced. I'd NEVER take my kids there.

  26. White people ruin alot of things also.i soooooo hope your daughter get rape an get a big dick in her mouth an her asshole an while one daughter is fucking an a big write man out his dick in her about that while u sit up here an talk about my family I will talk about yours.#urblackfukupkids#uglygirls4sure

  27. Blame whitey

  28. throw bananas!! then grab the kids and run like hell!!

  29. So this is how failed singers end up.

  30. A race or culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women. Its obvious that this dysfunctional family has no patriarchy. Since the black community is controlled by a Gynocentric/matriarchal power structure that was created by the welfare system, the general public will see more videos like this re-surface.

  31. Everywhere thay go anymorw

  32. That's not the 1st time he hit his girl. She took that way to easy

  33. Just wow when will this end

  34. That big fat beebop looking chick could not get up and she just got pushed down lol

  35. You can't take ghetto blacks anywhere and I mean anywhere without them having a total meltdown over nothing…It was hilarious watching the 2 black beached whales rolling around..priceless heheheee

  36. They fighting for the belt in the back

  37. I only go to Walmart after the buses stop running. Get all my shopping in between 1130pm and 1150pm on a Thursday night.

  38. Black folks don't.. this family did. It not about race.

  39. I don't give a fuk how big is I want it all come on

  40. Handin` it to ya`, Tommy —- you tellin` it to da folks jes` da way da t`ing izzz.

  41. I don't know how to be, horrified, disgusted, lmfao, not surprised, shocked, embarrassed (for them), ashamed (of them), OMG!, nothing new, all at the same time. (settled for, watching uncomfortably while smiling behind my hands/through my fingers)?.! From Canada!

  42. Notice the poor little child on the left!!

  43. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!???? Its going to take the cops a while to figure that one out!!!

  44. I can't stop watching this. When big momma falls out I lost it.

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