Teen Sentenced to 23 Years for Kιlling Police Dog During Burglary

After NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s career was almost ruined for taking part in a dog teen police dogf?ghting ring, some observers wondered whether society valued the life of dogs more than black men. This conversation is bound to be reignited now that a 17 year old black teen has been sentenced to 23 years behind bars for taking the life of a retired police dog during a burglary.

Ivins Rosier, 17, and two other teens broke into the home of a Florida trooper and gunned down his retired K-9. The dog passed away several days after the  burglary.

Rosier was convicted in May for the break-in and sho?ting the five year old German Shepherd named Drake.

Although Rosier was only 16 when he broke into the home of trooper Robert Boody in 2012, Judge Robin Rosenberg said sentencing requirements left her little choice but to throw the book at the teen.

In addition, Rosier’s history with police didn’t help his case any.

During trial, Boody wept as he described coming home to find Drake lying in a pool of blo?d  critically wounded. Drake’s injuries were so severe that he eventually had to be euthanized.

Rosier admitted to Palm Beach County police that he was the one who sh?t Drake.

“If you shoot that dog and he dies, that’s murder of a law enforcement officer,” Detective Philip DiMola told Rosier during an interrogation, which was recorded and played during trial.

Rosier’s attorney pressed for leniency but the judge pointed out the teen’s history of criminal activity and that he was even wearing an ankle monitor for a previous burglary during this incident.

Rosier was tried as an adult for burglary and animal cruelty and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, author of the book, “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment,” says that this case is indicative of how society has never seen black men as being human.

“Think of it this way.  You get a quarter century in prison for killing a dog, but the killers of Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin were not even convicted.  This very clearly and logically reminds us that the lives of black men are worth less than animals,” said Dr. Watkins.

“You must link the psychology behind rulings like this to the fact that there are thousands of dead black boys all across the country who barely get a peep from the media, almost no serious police investigation and few repurcussions for those reponsible for the violence or the guns behind it.  If these boys were dead dogs, white people would be outraged.”

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