Students Walk Out of Lecture After Professor Says Everyone Descends From Africa

A student leaves professor Jon McGee’s classroom at Texas State University.
A student leaves professor Jon McGee’s classroom at Texas State University. Twitter

Some students from Texas State University in San Marcos got up and left their lecture hall after their professor, Jon McGee, said that all people originated from Africa, The Tab reports.

Apparently the day’s lesson was supposed to be on race. He began talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it had come about before mentioning that everyone is descended from Africa.

According to The Tab, that’s when students began to exit the classroom. Some stayed behind to argue with one another.

“A lot of people left,” said one of the students, Karene Taylor, 19. “It was embarrassing.”

McGee claims that he doesn’t remember any of his students leaving the classroom. “In regards to today’s story in The Tab, I don’t recall any of this from my class on Tuesday,” he said, according to My Statesman. “This is an introductory cultural anthropology class of 390 students. The topic of the day was concepts of race, and I mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement as an example of how race is an important issue in the U.S.”

McGee also said that there was no further discussion on the topic and that no one approached him about the matter after class.

Read more at The Tab and My Statesman.

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