Rep, Nunes Will Send 8 Criminal Referrals, 2631

November 16, 2019

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  1. Only 8 referrals?  I can think of 20 without even trying. McCabe lied and is now on a book tour.  Every major player who got up in front of Congress lied.  Lynch would not answer any question with a direct answer.  Comey lied multiple times, contradicted himself, and then went on a promotional tour digging his lie pit into the substrate of hell.  Stroyk never said one truth.  They all lied these easy to comprehend lies that a child could discern. They all lied completely.  Paige said it straight.  There was no evidence of any crime before the investigation started. This violates everything we hold dear.  Only 8 referrals?  Brennan, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Schiff, Clapper, Stroyk, …. all the FBI text message crew, Steele, McNoName, Hilly, Billy, Bruce and Nellie Orr, …., ok, I can't take this…the list should have 100+ people on it.  Peace.

  2. I support Nunes 200%

  3. What are the benefits of announcing this before they send the referrals over?

  4. They applied to Logan Act to Gen. Flynn o.t. 'transition team", but Hussein [aliases] is still 'leading from behind' as a D/$tate 0peRat!ve, UNdermining our current like it or not duly elected POTUS and his Admin.
    HOW and WHY is this even tolerated, and who/why are they turning a blind eye?

  5. Nunes is a super hero. Let's elect more like him!!!!

  6. Now we will soon see if the new AG Barr has any intention of cleaning things up or he is another stiff with no courage.

  7. Thanks, Bill.

  8. I noticed Nunes was very kind and generous in labeling those named in the referrals as "Americans".

  9. Bet the corruption goes all the way to Obama but just try to prove it.

  10. Spot-on, Bill, thank you for covering the Nunes interview ! We have high expectations that justice will be served, but in the final analysis, it is up to AG Barr to bring any indictments and prosecutions ! There is so much fire and not just smoke about the Deep State Silent Coup that investigations should have started two years ago ! Sessions was a "Double Whammy" to the Trump administration; he not only did nothing, but he kept an honest AG from doing good for the country !

  11. The first 5 must be McCabe, Strzok, Page, Bruce & Nellie Ohr. Those are the first 5 traitorous dominoes that are the most obvious and will start the chain reaction of bringing down the whole damn coup. It's only obvious that it leads straight to Hillary Clinton who funded the Steele dossier through Fusion GPS and to Obama who authorized spying on Trump.
    One way or another Brennan, Clapper and Comey are also already implicated.
    Foreign government agents and an Ambassador, (the UK, Christopher Steele, MI6, and Australian Ambassador) are also connected. McCain and associates were also involved in the Steele dossier process.
    Before justice can ever be served and the 100's of people that the first 8 will lead to, can be prosecuted, you can count on a cataclysmic false flag event of a horrifying and unprecedented level. Its too hard to believe that the world government/cabal/comintern will let themselves be so openly and obviously exposed.

    At the least, deals will be made to protect Obama and Clinton. Possibly she will brought down on "other" charges to deflect and distort. She will then be pardoned.
    There's my 6 "cents".

  12. This is called momentum. Don’t stop Use the power
    Sue and collect. Campaign later. Tie them up under the microscope. And tell the truth. Even at risk. That is a true knight and leader

  13. Wouldn't it be Trump Karma that Robert Mueller end up going to jail because of his own report. We're going to find out that Andrew weissmann and some other people were part of the Russia dirty dossier. I'm buying a lot of popcorn today! For real!

  14. Starting with the small fish to let them squeal on the big fish.

  15. This is great news. I can hardly believe Nunez is from California which lets you know we aren’t all snowflakes here. Let it ALL come out and all roads lead back to….Hillary and no one can tell me Obama was in the dark….

  16. All it will take is 1 of these Criminals to RAT OUT Clinton and Barry~! Lets see who Flips First! Wil it be Comey??? or maybe Strzok?? McCabe…. Brennan/Clapper???

  17. Thanks Bill. Love your succinct but thorough analyses.

  18. Isn’t Wissman on the Atlantic counsel too. Lots in the AC were heavily involved – crowd strike connection for example

  19. Nunes is a hero and a patriot. Thanks for this excellent reporting, mr. Still.

  20. Make America sane again.

  21. Here's the problem. No one will be prosecuted. Even if they go to trial, they will be let go with these sweetheart deals. Time and time again and history has proven that people who are Elites do not have the same justice system as everyone else. And then till there is going to be real prosecution's with real punishments the corruption in DC will continue just like it has throughout history and how it will in the future. It's almost like why bother doing anything it's all going to be just like jussie Smollett. Can you honestly say you really think Hillary Clinton will go to jail. Do you really think Comey is going to go to jail. Do you really think something's going to happen to Mueller. Nothing's going to happen oh, it'll be investigated until we turned green but nothing will really happen. Oh I'm sure a couple people will have mysterious heart attacks or commit suicide or whatever it is they do to get rid of people, but justice……. justice will never happen . And the bombs will continue to drop over all the other countries in the world that we are helping to quote "liberate".

  22. So the DoJ is now in charge of the criminal referrals concerning Mcabe because they're the investigative arm? The same DOJ who Judicial Watch fights tooth and nail to get them to release Hillary's emails? Just Lovely.

  23. Wow.

  24. Is O'Bama's "Merkel meeting" a violation of the Logan Act?

  25. OBama's methods are clearly recorded. He held meetings. In these meetings (on all subjects) he engaged attendees to discuss issues and solutions. Upon hearing the offerings he then made a decision on his own, ignoring the "experts", using them as cover for his own actions. Again this is his modus operandi. Always.
    So based upon that then the root cause for all of this crap must inevitably lead us to him.

  26. Who are the 8? I can guess but I’m giving this to God and knowing He is in control. Praying for all that has been sown will now be reaped!

  27. Why only 8?

  28. Every closet has a skeleton, and skeletons don't like closets…


  30. Make no mistake about this. All of this leads to Obama and his cohorts. He will go down as the worst and most disgraced President in U.S. history. He is already plotting against the country he swore to preserve with him being in Germany perverting himself with Merkel. Trump won't back off period.

  31. What a bunch of dirty filthy freakin lowlife treasonous dirt bags!

  32. Nunes for some point anyway..I could see it.

  33. I have known that this whole mess is TREASON. If the guilty are not punished we will lose our nation. I pray for AD Barr to have the character and strength to save it.

  34. I hope that these characters are brought to justice but, if all of them pay, I will be very surprised. This is starting to look more like a show, to keep us placated. The big players will walk. The best we can hope for, is to outlive them and be able to spit on their graves.

  35. God bless Rep Nunes …

  36. This was so good! Trump 2020!

  37. Nunes is a true hero since he's probably enduring relentless harassment, threats & abuse while trying to do his job for the American people.

  38. This is a real man, a true American. God speed with your efforts. You are making the American People proud. We want our country back, and the ill mannered, mis begotten hanging on meathooks. MAG’tr! Nunez in 24?

  39. AG Barr: Black hat or White hat?
    We will soon find out.

  40. Please have secret service or Security surrounding Mr Nunes. I want him kept safe from You Know Who.

  41. @BillStill
    Your top priority has been informing and educating the public on the most important topics and issues facing the people of the United States of America (and the rest of the world) for over 20 years now and hopefully 20 more!!
    In my opinion you are the most trusted news available.

    Canadian Trump Fan

  42. Not holding my breath !!!! Government can't even jail someone like Jussie Smollett….you think they're going to indict the "important" people ???????? Two tiered justice system.

  43. God Bless you Devin! May the truth come out for all to see. Praying for you, sir, one of the few god guys in DC.

  44. WOW!! As I listened, I suddenly got such a frightening feeling of doom concerning this young man! PLEASE PRAY for the safety of Rep. Nunes and his loved ones!!!! He now has a giant bulls-eye on his back!!

  45. I would not be surprised if at least one FISA judge is involved in this mess.

  46. We who believe in justice have been waiting a long time for this, but, the named people will be twisting and turning the facts. I can hear them now!

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