Really??? Ex-GF Of Kanye’s “Sunken” Personal Assistant Claims She Had To GET OUT — He Had Them Eating Ramen

August 5, 2018

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Kanye West Slaving His Employees?

Who’s a billionaire??? Kanye West is being exposed by the ex-gf of his current personal assistant Knarly DB and apparently he had his employees and their families struggling on just $200 a day!

Jazerai Allen-Lord, Knarly DB’s ex spoke on the Improper Etiquette podcast with Leah McSweeney & Laura Styles about how much they struggled while her ex-bf worked for Yeezy. She said they ate ramen and her two kids would ask “why are we broke?”. The last straw, Jazzy says came after the ex was elated to design a “Trump We Won” shirt and she had to GET OUT.

WTF! Listen, it begins at the 4:00 mark.

FYI, Jazzy and Knarly DB were brand partners and their “Real Friends” hats blew up all over the internet, that’s was before the slave labor began. Obviously, they are very talented designers and didn’t need Yeezy!

Here is Yeezy’s assistant, Knarly DB…


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What do YOU make of all of this???


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