Join The Circus Already: Perpetual Clown Antonio Brown Throws “A Bag Of D!¢k$” At His Baby Mama On Instagram Live [Video]

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Source: Michael Reaves / Getty

Antonio Brown Throws Candy Penises At Baby Momma During Argument

Antonio Brown is a special kind of stupid. Not the kind of stupid we’re accustomed to seeing in some professional athletes. No, AB is in a class all unto himself.

According to TMZ, police were called to the former NFL baller’s house earlier today after a heated argument with his baby momma, Chelsie Kyriss over one of his cars.

Let Brown tell it, he allowed the previously-evicted Kryiss onto his property to take their three kids to school. When she attempted to drive them in one of his cars AB flipped out and began to berate her with claims she was stealing his Bentley.

Brown went live on Instagram while speaking to one of the officers. In the video you can see the cop try to communicate with AB while he screams “B!tc#, you don’t drive Bentleys. This is not your life” at Chelsie from across the street in front of their children.

At some point, AB got so angry that he grabbed a bag of candy penises, yes, penises, and threw them at Chelsie while yelling at her to have “a bag of d!¢ks!”.

We can’t make this s#!t up. Press play on the video below.

Things are going to end VERY badly for Antonio Brown. It’s just a matter of how at this point.


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