Jessie Duarte verbally attacks eNCA journalist

August 16, 2019

ANC Deputy General Secretary has attacked eNCA journalist Samekele Maseko. Duarte was briefing the media following the party’s National Working …


  1. Is freedom of speech only for those who fought for it? If so that fight was self serving. If you are just a citizen answer just as a citizen.

  2. One of the untouchable ANC corrupt elite and part of the Zuma clan. Toxic.

  3. I like this Guy Samkelo

  4. Jessie Duarte is such a corrupt ANC member. Also, is she even African? Africans need to stop allowing so much infiltration into their government.

  5. Jessie duarte you are a bully.

  6. Respect to Jessie Duarte, there are no verbal attacks here, this reporter is a prick

  7. Duarte is a sell-out. She doesn't give a damn about poor Saffas. She is a psychophantic apologist for JZ and a useless lump of lard.

  8. This ENCA is white monopoly capitalist channel I don't like it is biased

  9. Jessie Duarte corrupt old bitch!

  10. But I will continue to ask those questions, I liked that statement his pressing the right buttons

  11. Yep poltians all lie only in it for the Money

  12. She has been instrumental in decimating our movement, and emotional reasoning is a sign of fear, what is it that she is fearing, samkelo can't remain silent when democracy is caricatured and the rule of law is caricatured, now with Ace they are devouring what is left of our movement, SA is on the brink of being led by charlatans and comedians because of people like I have no sympathy for you, it is a betrayal of revolutionary work to steal from the poor

  13. DUARTE was Zuma's number one protector and close friend to the GUPTAS! She is the most corrupt in the ANC.

  14. He may not have fought for freedom of speech, but he has every right to defend it. If there is any arrogance here its you Jessie and your entitlement to think and believe you deserve to continue to abuse your position. You have reached your sell by date! the youth of this country may not all be loyal and sentimental to the ''mighty" ANC as you may think they do. Wake up old women!

  15. She is hiding a lot – typical tactic of a marxists – don’t be intimidated she has skeletons to hide it’s so obvious !

  16. We know you want to impress your boss..remember media is white monopoly weapon to destroy black you think Agrizz just took a rope to hang he's being paid for that..da aim is to kill ANC dey miss those days where they used to eat like kings & queens..nd with their business partner Ramaphosa dey thought it Will work while they digging a grave for him

  17. "I respect you, as an elderly woman,whose around my grand mother 's age" (:-)…lol

  18. Jesse Duarte need to retire, Freedom of speech ENCA is the best , well done MASEKO you go bro.
    Grand mothers age lol, Jesse needs to go ANC need new leaders ,cannot trust the current ones .
    The only ANC leaders in my books that resembled god himself, OR Thambo, Nelson Mandela ,Ahmed katrada, Walter sisulu, Albert Luthuli, and many more that are gone.
    We now have hungry money mongers.

    Having a huge house, driving lots of fancy cars and having a huge bank balance does not make you a leader.
    A leader is the one that will spend the last days in suffering, to ensure stability prevails.
    That Leader was Nelson Mandela,
    R.I.P ,sir if god ever returns your soul to south African soil her people will be waiting.

  19. Commrade Jessie is not someone who lashes out often so for the fact that she did in this instance indicates that she has been pushed to the limit,journalists now have culture of reporting that seeks to make big controversial headlines even when there are none they look hard for one even it means stimulating one themselves becuase the number of views is all they chase for example we always hear what the government is doing wrong which we must know about granted but when do we hear good stories in relation to governance e.g) the train factory we recently opened or SEZ that was recently opened but clearly that does not draw views? We need objecive journalism thay focuses on supplying the nation with information but don't dictate the content and draw conclusions ,let the viewer draw their own views

  20. Yes mam! I love you! tell him!

  21. Anc is fucking dumb

  22. Boet you keep it up. Your doing great job. You obviously asking the questions that the public want to know. Great job.

  23. Thuma mina….and the struggle continues ….viva ANC viva…..

  24. Is she half Phillipino cause that surname simar to Phillipines president

  25. Snake

  26. Samkelo the truth hurts. This is how people react when you ask truthful questions. She is guilty as hell. Keep up the good work.

  27. Without your bravery Samkelo Maseko,i believe people of South Africa would not know about all this so called smallanyana skeletons of the ANC.digg more and more my favorite journalist even if you get closer to a just remind me the othe legend journalist Mr Vuyo Mvoko.we will keep you to our prayers that God protect you in His wings

  28. hostela

  29. "And you want to defend freedom of speech you never fought for". With this logic, where are we going? She did not design the clothes she is wearing as well. It would be of great help that these representatives of ours (ANC) do the truth so that when they are asked questions they can confidently, and without being hesitant, talk it – to avoid deflecting the real issue with their illogical defense mechanisms that seek to conceal the truth. You do the truth and then speak it with confidence!
    Her utterances are actually frivolous. This saying "you are just a journalist" appears to me that she is demeaning this profession. Stop deviating from the law, do what is right so to not be evasive to questions.

  30. Who does this vile woman think she is?

  31. Jessie Duarte you've not just attack a journalist he is first and foremost a South African. This just showed us that you have no respect for us as citizens. Thanks you've just made it so much easier to tell my kids and their kids to NEVER vote for the ANC. Never again.

  32. she is defending corruption

  33. She is a vile dispicable woman.

  34. Tell him Mother

  35. Sometimes the journalist r out of order bt when u tell them the truth it's like people don't respect Journalist

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