I’m a white student at a historically black college

November 6, 2016

Does “historically black” mean “exclusively black”? Founded after the Civil War to educate African-Americans who were largely barred from other colleges, …


  1. the only white in morehouse is the valedictorian ha so true

  2. It was easier for him than high school.

  3. Nice

  4. Don't make the black kids angry

  5. You dont wanna be white around alot of blacks. so many videos of black on white violence blacks are extremely racist

  6. You dont wanna be white in a black hood.

  7. thanks

  8. Sounds like a slavery apologist to start with, he went to the right place.

  9. That's some funny shit. The only white dude on the whole campus is the Valedictorian!

  10. Most of the students are black and that is irrelevant? But if there was a mostly white college that marketed itself that way, it would be an uproar!

  11. I am a graduate student at Florida A&M University, and was my top application, I was accepted to Drexel University but wanted to be connected to an HBCU for not only the education in class, but the education from being with people who looked like me. Both of my undergraduate degrees were from predominately White colleges and I always felt "disconnected" from my fellow students, but tried as hard to connect as I did in academics. I wanted to stop "trying" to fit in and just be a student. It is reflected in my GPA as well as my personal education. It brings me back to a place I feel most comfortable.

  12. Why do u guys keep posting this vid

  13. Great work CNN. People need to recognize and see positive examples of America changing for the better [its slow but its changing].

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