Hate It Or Love It?! #MarriedToMedicine Season 7 Reunion Looks [Video]

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Source: Kathy Boos / Bravo

#MarriedToMedicine Season 7 Reunion Looks

The “Married To Medicine Season 7” reunion is on the way and people have some stroooong opinions about this year’s fashions. The theme for the evening was Bedroom Boudoir and some people absolutely nailed it—while others, well, not so much.

In a reunion preview via BravoTV.com, the ladies are seen showing off their looks backstage and proudly posing in their best fashions. Dr. Heavenly was on hand and admitted that she’d just had botox and got new teeth.

“You know when your stuff is good and you know it? That’s how I feel,” exclaimed Dr. Heavenly Kimes in her lingerie-influenced, long, black gown with feather details. “I got Dr. Jackie to do my botox up here, so I’m tight and right okay. I’ve got my new grill.”

Mariah Huq was also the only one on stage to try a vibrant color; hot pink, which she accessorized with dozens of diamonds.

Other standouts included newbie Buffie Purselle who wore a corset dress and flowing feathered robe looking bedroom boudoir ready…

and Ms. Quad who told Instagram she needed to lawyer up because she was “killing them” at the reunion.

Whose “Married To Medicine” season 7 reunion look is your fave???

The reunion airs in January, will YOU be watching???

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