Father went undercover to catch school aide hitting on daughter

December 31, 2016

Father went undercover to catch school aide hitting on daughter news 1x1.trans


A Brooklyn father went undercover and posed as his daughter in order to catch a school aide who was inappropriately hitting on and trying to date his daughter.

High School for Enterprise, Business and Technology staffer Dyke St. Rose sent 1,140 messages over three months over the spring, and when the girl’s father discovered the texts, he was incensed.

The girl had left her phone in his car when her father looked through it, and according to the city schools’ Office of Special Commissioner of Investigation., “In a fit of rage, Student A’s father [then] snapped the phone in half.”

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Because the phone was too badly damaged to retrieve any evidence, the father then went undercover, posing as his daughter and sending messages to St. Rose in order to catch him.

But St. Rose was “unnerved because he was not sure whether Student A was the person sending the messages,” and “asked Student A several questions to prove her identity, and when Student A did not know the answers, he called the phone number,” ending the charade.

The student’s parents then reported St. Rose’s behavior to school officials, and while St. Rose admitted to pursuing the girl, he claimed that no one had ever told him he couldn’t have “a relationship with a student.”

St. Rose is no longer employed with the district.

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