Exclusive: Lynn Whitfield Talks “Greenleaf,” Working With Oprah, Her 60-FINEness, “A Thin Line… 2” & More!

Lynn Whitfield Talks Greenleaf & More!

Beloved veteran actress (and legendary auntie) Lynn Whitfield is currently enjoying the success of OWN’s deliciously messy church drama Greenleaf that’s sweetened her golden legacy in Black Hollywood while also fueling loud whispers about a Thin Line Between Love And Hate sequel in the near (or not-so-near) future.

But, for now, Auntie Lynn is focused on snatching church wigs as ruthless matriarch “Lady Mae” on a hit series that dives head first into everything uplifting, soul-simmering and ugly about the Black megachurch.

Greenleaf, I’m very excited about… we’re telling a story that hasn’t been told and I love the work. I love the art form of telling a story”

One of the many reasons to watch OWN’s #1 show is for Mother Oprah who plays Lady Mae’s bad(ly behaved) and boozy sister “Mavis McCready” when she’s not handpicking incredible talent like Lynn or ruling her TV empire.

“We worked with (Oprah) before and I think she knew what she would get. Apparently, what she said was that she could only hear our voices and see our faces in the role of Bishop and Lady Greenleaf. She just knew who she wanted.”

Months ago, Martin sent nostalgic Black movie lovers into a tizzy when he posted this on Instagram. Could it really be happening? Welllll…

“About a year ago, or maybe it was less than a year, you know, they sent something over and we chit-chatted about it and, you know, he’s been busy. I’ve been busy. Let’s see what happens. Because I’m sure he’ll reach out or I’ll reach out and see what’s going on but it would be FUN–it’s hard, though, because it is a classic and how do you continue that and where Martin is and where I am now what would the story be? I have ideas! I always have ideas, we’ll see!”

With a show as popular (and pearl clutch-worthy) as Greenleaf, we doubt the sequel (or reboot) happens anytime soon but Auntie Lynn is just grateful for her fans and longevity in the industry.

“I feel very honored that people have been so loyal and stuck with me… EVEN BOSSIP yall mostly have been nice to me THANK…THE LORD. I mean, you know, for the most part, ohh a couple of times you got a few stomach shots and stretched the… -laughs-

But, here’s the thing, you know, being able to see comments and hear comments and see that it actually meant something to people that they have, you know, been touched by the work or excited by the work and still expect good stuff and I feel even better when they say ‘you still fiiiine, you still got it goin on’ like… thank GOD they still even recognize me, you know, but it’s just great… it’s great to spend your life doing something”

I’m still excited. I still love it. I get reaaaally–you know, I’m still like ‘Oh no no give me one more take!-one more take! you know, I’m excited!”

We also chatted up the always reliable, often incredible Keith David (“Bishop Greenleaf,” Lady Mae’s husband) who reflected on his 30+ years in Hollywood.

“Every opportunity I have to work, every chance I have to work is an opportunity to bring some joy into somebody’s life now whether we’re doing a comedy, a musical, doing a play, doing a movie, the field that we’re in is an opportunity to bring some joy into somebody’s life and that is an awesome responsibility but an awesome privilege to be able to pick up the gauntlet”

Greenleaf Season 2 airs every Wednesday at 10 pm on OWN and, trust us, it’s LIT.


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