Citizen’s Police Oversight Board Seeks Community Input for Improvements to Oversee Police Misconduct

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DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- Dallas community members gave input for a Citizen’s Police Oversight Board at a meeting Thursday night. Dr. Brian Williams, Chairman of the review board said they will host several meetings and a city-wide survey to improve how the Board oversees police misconduct. Williams said this board has been around for a long time however the interest to improve the board increased after 26-year-old Botham Jean was fatally shot in his apartment by Dallas Officer Amber Guyger. “That shooting highlighted the need for some reform, we are looking for ways to make us a more effective entity in the City of Dallas,” Williams said. Right now, the board has no funding and has volunteered staff.  Some residents discussed Board members should be elected and not appointed by City Council. Others said they believe Board members should have law enforcement experience if granted investigative powers to review police misconduct. Proposals for the new board include allowing residents to submit complaints in person and online as well as allowing the board to subpoena officers. However, some community members complained this will give the board too much power and even suggested term limits and allowing positive comments.  Thursday night was the first of many meetings, after community members give their input William’s said he will present these ideas to City Council in February. The next meeting will be on January 8th from 6p-8p at Hampton-Illinois Branch Library Black Box Theater, 2951 S. Hampton Rd.






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