‘Cash Me Outside’ girl pleads guilty to grand theft, possession of marijuana

July 7, 2017

Cash Me Outside girl pleads guilty to grand theft, possession of marijuana entertainment Danielle Bregoli


Danielle Bregoli, best known as the “Cash Me Outside” girl, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to multiple charges, including possession of marijuana, grand theft and filing a false police report.

The 14-year-old girl is set to be sentenced next month.

While the internet star has not addressed her legal problems herself, her father has said that it is a bad idea for her to live in Los Angeles with her mother, Barbara Bregoli.

“I am the only parent in this relationship with Danielle that is trying to see the best thing for this child,” Ira Peskowitz said. “To have her be an asset to the community, to understand what love is and to understand what family is about.”

— ‘Cash me Ousside’ girl punches airline passenger — 

According to NBC, Bregoli could also face charges of assault for an incident in which she and her friends were caught on video attacking a group of woman at Kavasutra Kava Bar.

Bregoli became a star after her mother brought her on Dr. Phil’s show in an attempt to correct her out-of-control behavior. She became famous for shouting, “Cash me outside. How bow bat?” during the segment as she threatened to fight the audience.



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