Breaking up with the Democrats? — I told YOU FIRST About this Agenda!

May 9, 2018

Remember when I said Extreme White Feminism is NOT for Black Women? Well this DIE HARD democrat WHO HAS BEEN with the democratic party and is a social activist HAS TOO SEEN THE LIGHT!! Here…


  1. I started voting for the Green Party in 2000. What have Democrats done for Black people lately? Black people support it like a religion and act as if they will get their rewards in after they die. Time to switch vehicles if you haven't already!!! Democrats take the Black vote for granted because they knew most of us would be too sorry to drop them! They have to be held accountable and forced to work to earn the Black vote.

  2. Well the changes I would like to see the NAACP tackle is discrimination in the work place. In other words, RUN ME MY MONEY!! Stop telling me I need a college education to be successful and then when I work for you, the only credential my white counterpart has is a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA !!

  3. The last election Hillary and Trump I didn't vote in. Republican, Democrat, Independent and the rest they don't do a thing for us black women, black men none of us. Left wing, right wing it's all part of the same do nothing for black people bird. The black vote doesn't change anything for us.

  4. +Hatshepsut Economics Yeah, I believe that we need to break up with Democrats, but that doesn't mean that we become idiots and foolishly believe that Republicans have our backs, either. Black women have the power to be the ultimate SWING VOTE. We need to become Independents–not wedded to either of the major parties. We need to learn a little from both parties when it comes to economic and social empowerment. You're right! The Democrats have taken black people (read: BLACK WOMEN) for granted for far too long.

    Black women have always been the most politically and socially active. I'm not sure why people are acting as though this is a new phenomenon. Black women began all these social, political and economic movements throughout history. We just never got credit for it. But again, we can't be naive to believe that either major political party is for us. We are on our own. And if that means breaking from the Democratic Party, then so be it. Become Independents or join the Green Party where we have an opportunity to build an institutional platform. Or, start our OWN party.

    Look around the country and see black women now in very prominent political offices. We can't stop that momentum. We need more black women running for office, either as Independents or as members of a newly established party. There's money out there to start our own PAC and build on it. Thanks for your video commentary.

  5. I didn't vote at all this time.  I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary after her husband came out and said he locked up thugs.  However, I hope you are not encouraging voting republican because they don't hide their racism.

  6. Thank you for this video! I am also tired of being told that I am imagining the behaviors and anti-Blackness of White feminists. I'm not surprised when I get pushback from Whites (male and female), they feel entitled to the labor of BW on behalf of their interests just as BM do, but I get even more pushback from other BW.

    BW have accused me of "trying to impress men" by stating the fact that modern feminism does not benefit BW. I have been accused of being "whitewashed" when I say that White Democrats are just the other side of the coin from White Republicans. I don't know what it is, but a LOT of BW are in serious denial about the Democratic party and modern feminism. And I rarely come across BW who see what I see. At least online, where I discuss these issues the most.

  7. It’s called Political fandom

  8. I haven't voted democratic since 2008.

  9. One word: Reciprocity. Rather than blind allegiance.

  10. I just want to add, why do people pretend that black people aren’t worried about economics and aren’t trying to improve their economic standing?

    To me it’s obvious why black people are where they are economically and it’s not because bp aren’t “trying” or aren’t concerned about money.

    The reality is first creating wealth is very very difficult. Very very few human beings have it so that’s a limitation right there. Then every person has personal limitations and weaknesses.

    On top of that bp face collective racial obstacles in housing, education, the criminal justice system, the labor market, getting business loans and/or access to investment capital, healthcare disparities.

    These obstacles are the reason. As long as they exist, then black people will make progress but it will be slow motion. It’s not that difficult to understand.

  11. I don't vote at all, I can't even tell the last time I've voted. To me it's a waste of time because these people don't do anything for black women.

  12. African Americans' loyalty to the Democratic Party hasn't really benefitted the African American Community. I also agree that mainstream feminism has not benefitted African American women, Hispanic women and other women of color. I know because I also voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election and identified as a feminist. Over the past year, I felt disenchanted with the Democratic Party and the lack of focus on solving the problems in the African American Community. And it shook me when I noticed that 53% of White American women voted for Donald Trump in the last election. I thought that these White feminists were going to ally themselves with other women of color to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. I was wrong. Along with the racism and classism I experienced in feminist spaces, the demographics of White women that voted for Trump was the last straw for me. Since then, I have decided to not identify with feminism or frequent such spaces.

    What really scares me is the fascism that I am seeing on the Republican Party. Donald Trump and the Republicans want to pass legislation that keep homosexuals, women(particularly women of color), immigrants and others from receiving the same civil rights that White men enjoy. In fact, they don't even try to do anything to help prevent climate change. In many ways, much of the things you are saying about economics and showing up to vote is the best way to help navigate the world around us.

  13. We really do need to assess the needs of bw and align ourselves with the party willing to assist us with those needs. At this moment, I don't see how either party can benefit black women. Republicans are pretty much controlled by the alt right. As a democrat, I'm sick of the stuff that is going on in my party. They're always pushing the black women to the side after they've received our vote. We're not just votes and I'm tired of them tossing us in with the black male agenda under the "black people" category. Our problems and needs are not the same as the bm so why are we always in the same category as them?

  14. I haven't voted Democratic since Barack Obama. I was sold out for Obama, votes/posters/clothing. When I saw what he didn't do for black people I started to ask questions. Then I was working for the NAACP and I saw inside what they don't do for black people. I even went to DC and marched HJ on K. It was only a matter of time, they I fully saw how "Educated Blackistan," NAACP, and Democrats worked only for themselves and non-black agendas. It's a miraged show, and it's a one sided payout. If they even choose to help you, it's only if it fits their narrative of what they've been working on. At their meetings they were telling us to vote and support Gay Marriage. That was it for me. I still don't know how NAACP started caring less about color and more about sexual orientation. The gay community has their own organizations that are fully funded. I pulled out from Democrats and Blackistan completely in 2016, and haven't looked back.

  15. Hi connie I like the video but I wanted to ask you should African American youth start their own Campaigns for the African American community? Please let me know your thoughts.

  16. I'm not sure what has to happen to BW before we wake up. IDK. Maybe an arm has to fall off because this is serious and I see THE storm is coming. I don't need anymore proof as to what they are putting down. I read them loud and clear and I see it's never been about us.I just hope BW are ready to be hit on all fronts because for some reason we are the least respected yet they hold us up to moral standards they don't dare place on WW. Like she said, damned if you do, damned if you don't….. so "I do".

  17. African Americans should be voting and campaigning especially locally for changes in the community. They fight so hard to keep African American and Latino Americans from voting because they know if we come together we will out number white American voters. Honestly at the end of the day we must continue to fight for economic opportunities and injustice going on in our communities because we have black children to fight for who are the future.

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