Black people ambush more cops in Philly — while Eagles protest police racism

June 10, 2017

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  1. this is why im packing. U knock on my door u better b the police, mailman, family/ friends, or UPS …SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER

  2. Philly is a shit hole

  3. Great work

  4. I think the common denominator here with black on white or cops is Islam. A lot of blacks convert to Islam in jail.

  5. Love it

  6. Philadelphia Mayor Kenney is a complete f**king idiot.

  7. City police vehicles will how have a turret with a turret gunner.
    Time to get the boys in blue up to the 21st. century.

  8. WHITE is RIGHT!!!!!!

  9. Mayor Spicoli thinks police are not civilians. One more thing not to like about this guy.

  10. Any time a punk is killed is a good thing. We should not think of criminals as humans and they should not be entitled to constitutional rights. The constitution was not meant to apply to every scumbag.

  11. Why do Blacks think they deserve special treatment? There are.many races in the US, and other countries. Get over yourselves, your no more deserving then any other race in a White country.

  12. Link to this video here the next time you see anybody trying to tell you that only white males do mass shootings.

  13. Why is it that nearly all the broadcasters on these news stories are black with lovely refined accents? Who teaches them to speak like that?

  14. I`m tried of Black reporters giving us the bad news. And celebrating the death of White cops in Dallas? That is wrong on so many levels. Arm yourselves always White people before they kill us all. Do it legally. I`m a peaceful person myself. But, Dindu Nuffins are not. They are not civilized. Some animals you have to shoot down like the dogs they are. (Sorry doggies not you) Get a firearm and learn how to use it always carry it legally that way no one say anything about you being armed. Good luck my brothers and sisters.

  15. The cops are at war with crime (as they should be, and as we pay them to be) and it is just that the blacks are so much more likely to commit criminal offenses than whites are that it seems to some that police are picking on blacks just because they are blacks. The statistics prove that blacks have a per capita rate of crimes, including murder, that is many times that of the per capita rates of crimes of whites.

  16. Peace be with you; Good Lenten journey, Happy Pesach, Happy Easter, God bless you…in name of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah, amen.

  17. Blacks and islam, a deadly combo. Never turns out good……..

  18. is this South Africa the Rainbow Coalition. Colin Flaherty. when we get to go to war. I know that you're not the type of person. don't talk about white genocide. in South Africa. you just not white enough. you can't help it. that you're not concerned enough. the best thing that white people .can do the stay away from snowflakes. and if you have to do something. that exterminates black cock roaches. and you have to get rid do these cockroaches. Don't put it on Facebook. Don't put it on Twitter don't put it on Snapshot. just do your business. and select another cockroach. you'll be doing a great honor. for your race. you might be able to save somebody. that gets a chance to grow up. and not be a victim of rape .or murder now I know a lot of you white males or frustrated. if you get an opportunity to take one of these cockroaches apart. learn from your experience. you're going to be alone reptile. and reptiles. don't talk about their business. or the pleasure .they get for killing a black cockroach. or torture these black cockroaches. that come from Africa they have a lot of experience. attacking Farms South Africa white Farms it's approved by Julian Mandela. now it's true that the Jews Marxist period and the English crown that has extended this chemical weapons release . to tell you of the media to bring up the chemical release period using a biological weapon period in violation of United Nations . the genocide black cockroaches killing white Farmers white people in general . The small population of White South Africans . so people don't give up your guns buy emanation . start learning to make different types of tools for cutting or be the spear chucker. use different types of implements. Your life could depend on it period and white male you need to stay away from those mudsharks period with the welfare system didn't cut because women can pass a drug test. They'll be out there because they're cockroach pimp. I want her to go out sell her ass on the street period understand why people want to go to Parks or take some type of lowlife to your apartment. Is that because the man is a whoremonger. and sex is more important than survival or keeping clean. not talking about taking a bath I'm talking about the genetically engineered sexual diseases that are out there. with what your white people. I want to sing personally Franklin Graham for keeping quiet about white genocide in South Africa. and accomplish something. those who align themselves with witch doctors. Those who have to lie and deceive. I wish these Mudshark so wake up. Realized black man from Africa they just love to rape and murder white women. what is these black people from Africa the shit out of black African people in America give me cockroaches don't ask why people for help. To smoke a cigar out on the porch and take your tablet and looking to white genocide period in South Africa. I ran into a white woman the other day period and her little dog was giving me a hard time. So we got to talk. this is what do you think about South Africa period She says I have a friend who's the missionary there helping black people out. I says what about helping white people off period white missionaries helping white people off and white genocide period I'm white she's white the missionaries White period and Franklin Graham who is a Scottish Rite Mason Preacher Man he's wiped period I hope you makes a lot of money on the Ebola virus movie. Such as happens as a biological weapon. why isn't Donald Trump going after those who use chemical weapons in Africa. murdering whitepeople people.

  19. Thugs used to run from cops . PC came along and now cops need to run from thugs . The citizens and the media should help . Nope they back PC too . Maybe the government or the clergy can helpĀ ? Nope they back PC too . Maybe the rest of the world will help ? Nope they are down with the PC cause too .

  20. The Philadelphia Thugs would be the correct name for that ignorant football team. Decades of inbreeding has produced the stupidity, ignorance and vile evilness we now see in many young blacks. These blacks need criminal drama and violence to escape the uselessness of their pathetic existence. Raised by violent, racist hate filled black women who have taught them to be the evil bastards they are. Blacks listen to voilent, racist,rap music,play violent video games and think it's hip to go out into public and act like punks and thugs. Then the ignorant,racist BLM, NAACP encourage violence, looting and rioting to get revenge on the police for doing their job . Also, these black,sewage rat hoods need to be patrolled by the Army, National Guard,and police. The time for tolerance is gone. If these black POS are ever going to change,it must be with force,deadly when necessary.

  21. Negroes have no pride and shame cause that is a HUMAN thing!!!!
    Are they apes who speak??? Speak som kind of english i do seldom understand!!!??
    Yes they are talking-apes, so they should be deported back to the jungles of africa where they belong, as a wise man once said…You can take the negro out of the jungle, but you can never take the jungle out of the negro.
    And without welfare and food stamps this ape "race" would die out!
    Without welfare and food stamps negroes would die out as a race, just look to africa…for 60-70 years whites sorry(the west) has helped with development aid, but look at where africa is!!!!!!!!!!!
    And they multiply like viruses, how many negroes did America take in??? About 700 to 800 thousend, look at where they are today…50-60 million?????? LIKE VIRUS I SAY!!!

  22. You should play parts of this interview with Heather MacDonald as a background commentary to one of your videos:

  23. And they wonder why police don't trust them….

  24. If you convert to Islam, you have an IQ of room temperature.

  25. Back in the 1980's, I recall local news coverage becoming much more deceitful when providing details of crime stories in the news. The media deceit, denial and delusion continues to this day. Any objective coverage would expose the reality of the vastly disproportionate rates of criminal activity all across the country. This prevents honest discussion about the root cause which is the breakdown of the family unit. Ironically, the people who have been most damaged by leftist policies which have led to the decimation of the family unit are the biggest supporters of politicians who push leftist agendas.

  26. Since Colin issues challenges for examples of cops behaving badly and blacks being victims of police brutality, here's a white cop in Columbus, Ohio (a dirty, chocolate city according to Colin) who was involved in shooting a black man last summer. Was that enough for him? Nope. He's now being investigated for kicking a black man in the head after he was already in handcuffs. My particular favorite part of the police department's response is how the offending officer "self reported" the kick to the head. Yeah, I'm sure the presence of a video from a Black Lives Matter wannabe had nothing to do with his decision to come clean on his own.

  27. Why is there so many trends corresponding with Islam and black peoples? I've notice a large connection bwt. BLM & Islam. They have become one in the same concerning agendas with regards to Western Civilization. Has anyone found this connection.

  28. !!!BLACK LIE's MATTAAAAA!!!!

  29. Holy KRAP! I work every day & I can't afford to "Travel to Cairo!"

  30. Hey, sports fans, you negro-worshipping sucks!

  31. I'm done with the NFL. UFC only from now on.

  32. This story should be international news.
    Never would've heard about it if not for Colin; KING OF THE NUMBAZ.

  33. Is it just me or does the reporter seem way to happy in reporting that cops had been shot? Starting at 2:30

  34. Black NFL players protesting white cops shooting these "innocent" black people. Meanwhile, in Chicago alone, black on black death continues to rise on a monthly basis (no cops or whites involved)…and there is nothing but silence from ESPN, the NFL, black players, etc….

    The disconnect is real with these people. They don't want to have that real conversation because it would involve looking in the mirror (at the black community) and holding black people accountable. It's much easier to blame cops, whites, the white system (racism), etc….anything except looking into the real problem…blacks in black neighborhoods.

  35. You are the only one telling us about this problem, there was a shooting in a town in a school in Southern California and 4 Fox videos telling us about a husband shot his teacher wife in the class room and some kids and kill them and yours is everyday everywhere and doesn't make national news.

  36. This is the story of the attempted murder of the cop.

  37. At least the culprit got shot and killed!

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