Anti-violence activist Donna Alexander ironically murdered by ex-boyfriend

Donna Alexander
Donna Alexander has always advocated against domestic violence but then became a victim of it when her boyfriend allegedly beat her to death., according to Fox 4. (Photo Facebook)

Donna Alexander made it her mission to help people release their rage and anger in a safe and constructive way. It’s the reason why she opened her first Anger Room in Dallas in 2008.

“Donna’s thing was, instead of people hurting people, why not let it out on objects so a life isn’t lost, to keep people out of jail?” Lauren Armour, Alexander’s sister, told the Chicago Tribune. “A therapeutic way to get the anger from inside of them and help to relieve stress.”

Unfortunately, Alexander, 34, has become another victim of the rage and violence she was working so hard to help others curtail. Her ex-boyfriend, Nathaniel Mitchell has been charged with murder in connection with her Sept. 24 death. Mitchell is in custody at the jail in Tarrant County, Texas, on a $250,000 bond.

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Alexander, a Chicago native, was taken to the emergency room in Grand Prarie, Tex. by Mitchell with severe injuries on Sept. 21. But, according to a statement from Grand Prairie Police, “staff believed his story was inconsistent with her injuries.”

Mitchell was arrested and originally charged with aggravated assault. Alexander died three days later and the charge was upgraded to murder.

She died three days later from her injuries. Alexander’s sister, of Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, called the manner of death particularly tragic given Alexander’s life’s work.

“No matter how much she tried to get away from [Mitchell], he always ended up back in her life,” Armour said. “She was talented, creative, loved people and loved them hard. Despite how ugly a person might be, she loved them hard.”

Alexander grew up on Chicago’s South Side and moved to the Dallas area as a young adult. She told the Tribune on Sept. 6, 18 days before her death, that her inspiration for The Anger Room came from growing up in Chicago and seeing people go to jail for behaviors like punching holes in a wall.

Alexander was planning to expand the Anger Rooms Richardson, Texas and Oak Grove, Kentucky.

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“We’re all born with anger,” Alexander said. “I just figured it was an alternative, a way to get rid of anger.

“I think it’s a primal instinct we have,” she added. “Afterward, it’s like a weight has been lifted.”


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