After a Racist Incident, Syracuse University Suspends All Social Activities of Fraternities

Syracuse University in New York has suspended all fraternity social activities for the rest of the semester after members of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity were accused of yelling “nigger” at an African American student who was walking on the street in front of the frat house. The Department of Public Safety at the university said that it has “substantial evidence,” including camera footage, eyewitness accounts, and interviews to back up the allegations.

The student newspaper at the university reported that “at least 10 hate crimes or bias-related incidents have been reported on or near SU’s campus since Nov. 7, including racist graffiti against Black and Asian students.”

In an email to the campus community, Kent Syverud, chancellor of Syracuse University, said that “while only one fraternity may have been involved in this particular incident, given recent history, all fraternities must come together with the university community to reflect upon how to prevent recurrence of such seriously troubling behavior. This report of an affront to our student’s — and our whole community’s — safety and well-being is the latest incident of several against Jews, Asians, and African Americans.”

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