Africa:Africa Has Been Undermined – Jacob Zuma


Photo: The Guardian

Official signing of MOU between Rochas Foundation and Zuma Foundation as South African president visits Imo State.

Owerri — The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, Saturday, said that the Africa continent has been undermined.

Zuma stated this in Owerri, after the signing of Momoranda of Understanding, MOU, between Zuma foundation and Rochas Foundation of Africa.

Just as he said that the liberation of Africa would be possible if the younger ones are adequately equipped educationally.

The South Africa president said: “Allow me to say few words, why I have foundation, people may not understand, I am passionate because I want African children to be empowered.

“My farther died when I was young, I do not know him properly and I took a decision that even if I did not go to school but I must be educated.

“I was arrested for political activities and I was in imprison for ten years.

“My people told me how the British treated them in prison and that is while I say education is critical in Africa so that we can hang on our own affairs.

“What I take serious is imbibing the culture of reading. And that is why I am in Imo state to partner with Rochas Foundation of Africa.

“I want to say this, our Africa continent has been undermined. We must empower ourselves. They must have the tools so that they can develop Africa. I must tell you that this Africa must be different.

“I will talk to other presidents of other Africa countries to replicate what we have here in their own countries, this is the way to go in Africa.”

In his remark, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state, who is also the President of Rochas Foundation of Africa, said: “Today I feel fulfilled. We have over 15,000 children in our college and over 4000 children have graduated. I boost of not the sustainability of this project because God is doing this whole thing. We have more than 5000 applicants.

“We have trusted to Zuma foundation, to help us identify those who are from the poor families that are suppose to benefit from this education programme.”


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