5 top ISIS leaders captured in joint operation

April 11, 2019

Five senior ISIS leaders were captured in a joint operation involving U.S. and Iraqi forces. It’s the latest defeat for the extremist group, which has lost almost all of …


  1. Any man who try to create war and fight the war with low knowledge, low skills, inexperience , not knowing enought science, not having secret strategies, and without having lawful and world public supports, one never ever thinks he will win the the war. Fighting a real and a lawful war one should not show off brag, expose any inhamane acts, and atrosity to the world.

  2. 8292711831 top6

  3. Why the ISIL did not captured the ISIS Fugitve Swine pigs Transgenders William Buckley jr alias Betsy Davos,Catherine Middleton alias David Hogg,Meghan Markle,Premila Jayapal aka Angela Hernandez, Bou Kantaphone Alias Hina Alvi/Baroness Warsi/Maria Amalla and Her Daughter Lisa Page/Dr. Judy aka Jusmine Phanthouvong,Nikki Hailey,Kamala Harris,Ian Cameron-Susan Rice Ex-husband,Bruno Bonnet,Peter Strzok,Rod Rossenstein. They are all known for Chasing Phrophet Muhammad And Known For Pay 2 Play Bank Fraud Massacres & Satanic Infadels Witch Hunts.

  4. 2:10 my name is Jeff

  5. Did anyone tell them that 70 virgins will be no good to them has they blew there little dicks of in the suicide bombings

  6. USA created ISIS, America is the biggest terrorist of the world. Where Russia started cleaning up ISIS Filth the americans were the criminals who armed and made these anmals! What a sad truth! US should be held accountable for its criminal actions.

  7. ISIS failed. Therefore, CIA will punish them.

  8. wheres bakar baghdadi,no media outlet seems to be talking about the key leader

  9. Give me the prisoners, a saw and some nails, and I'll make some good bloody art out of them.

  10. USA supports ISIS in Libya, Syria and Iraq to justify its meddling..

  11. ISIS = CIA

  12. Public Hanging Insha-Allah!!

  13. Us goyim at work and when csptired they sre really on holiday

  14. Isis it's over….all your fighters who have returned to there home lands are now washing cars or making kebabs….any who dare to attack will be dealt with by being sent to that mysterious land of 40 Virgins…otherwise known as death….

  15. USA Defeated Issis ? are you kidding ? you created issis and give weapon to them .. The world know USA Gouverment and Israel also Saudi Wahabi founding issis .. Shame on you for lying again .. Russian destroyed Issis with Syrian army and IRAN ..

  16. Heads up al baghdadi!!!

  17. See what happens when the worst president in US history finally leaves office?

  18. Here’s the ISIS Commander & his Satanic Infadels Witch Hunts Swine Pigs Lucifer Ian Cameron-Susan Rice Ex.,Transgender Willam Buckley jr.(Carol Middleton),Catherine Middleton alias(David Hogg),Bruno Bonnet,Miri Regev,Lisa Page(Jusmine Phathouvong),Bou Kantaphone Alias(Baroness Warsi),,Angela Hernandez alias)Premika Jayapal),Kamala Harris,Nikki Hailey etc. check Bahrain Jewelry Heist..they are the Suspects.

  19. The 5 ISIS leaders were captured to see that John McCaine got his 77 virgins.

  20. ISIS: hello?
    CIA: hi buddy,just to let you know tomorrow 5 of yours including yourself will be arrested,but don't worry is just to show off that we are big boys…
    ISIS: and for how long?
    CIA: for around 2 years,enough to those idiots( people in general) to forget about your activities…meanwhile we will distract them creating wars somewhere else in world and showing them all that crap in tv .
    ISIS: okidoki,anything else?
    CIA: your name will be changed from Mohammed to Muhammad and we will need you later on in order to create chaos in another Islamic country maybe turkey,Iran,Egypt or Algeria ,depends of the bosses agenda.

  21. US, Israel and there allies need to preserve some of those Baghdadis for their next move.

  22. Put them all before a firing squad and them dump the bodies in a septic tank

  23. first

  24. It's easy to win when you stop dropping them in weapons and munitions and working as their airforce. "Next on the Evening News, school taken back from gang of kindergarteners after adults enter the room!" "Stay tuned to find out how…"

  25. It's a shame what religion does to this world. We all grew up and found out Santa Clause is fake. Wake up and realize your religions and any gods you believe in are just like Santa. There is no after life. This is it. Get along with one another already. No ones going to a heaven

  26. Give them some of their own medicine. Burn them alive in a cage!

  27. Mossad agent lol.

  28. Why would they arrest their proxies? Did they finish serving their purpose? Or maybe ISIS is just an excuse for the US to have boots in Syria. Too many unanswered questions but we will never know.

  29. Where are the cars? 40 people and not a single car?

  30. Trump's military is on a roll! Trump 2020.

  31. Wow!!! Awesome President Trump!!!!

  32. Give them to the Yassidie, (SP?)

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