Wow, Really??? Wisconsin High School Demands “Dress Wearing Students” Submit Photo Before Homecoming

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Wisconsin School Forces Girls To Send Advanced Pics Of Homecoming Dresses


A Wisconsin high school is requiring that “dress wearing students” (see, 99.9% of women) to submit a photo of their dress before they will be allowed to purchase tickets for the homecoming dance according to ABCNews.

Pewaukee High School has a strict dress code prohibiting spaghetti straps, show midriff, show cleavage or have a skirt that is shorter than fingertip length. But many students AND parents find it a bit creepy to have to submit photos of their daughters to the school.

If a photo is not sent, the parents have been asked to email the principal to assure that they will only buy dresses that comply with the school’s regulations.

While some are supportive of such a rule, the outrage smoldering, especially online. 17-year-old Senior Nicole Stark had this to say:

“Honestly, I would much rather get turned away at the door than to have to send a picture of myself wearing a dress,” Stark said.

Student mom Michelle Jenkins also spoke out against the school:

“I just wish they would trust our upperclassman to have some class and represent their school in a tasteful manner,” she said.

“We are obviously paying for these dresses and allowing our children to go to this dance wearing what we feel is appropriate, and I think that’s really the point here.”

“Teen expert” Rosalind Wiseman weighed-in as well:

“What we’re looking at is arbitrary standards that an adult gets to decide, and what that does is shame the young person and says, ‘You don’t get to belong here because of the way that your body looks,’”

What do you think? Is the school overstepping their boundaries by making such a dramatic request?

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