Winning the Oscars for Blacks:is it really a win or is it showing a side of blacks that exploits us?

Academy Awards - Mo'niqueSince Halle Berry and Denzel Washington Oscar win, the Oscars have made it their business to include blacks in their lineup. From Terrence Howard’s nomination in Hustle and Flow to three six mafia winning best music award, the producers made sure that we were present in winning the prize. Denzel Washington who is an extradionary actor won the oscar Training Day that year over Will Smith outstanding performance in Ali. Wow! The oscars even went as far in giving the best actress award to Halle Berry, who is a very attractive actress in Monster Ball. I don’t know if the win escalated from the lost of her son or the impeccable love scene with Billy Bob Thorton in movie. The famous line “Do something to make me feel good!” Made us all feel good when they announce her name. I, myself jump up because of the anticipation of a black women winning for the first time. A a couple of years later our very own Jamie Foxx won best actor award for Ray, which was well deserved. I was appalled and surpise that the Great Debaters didn’t make the cut one year. You would have thought the movie would have received a nomination just on the celebrity status of great civil rights activists that were protrayed in the movie. I guess that would have been to much black intelliegence for the audience. And this year the oscar goes to……….MONIQUE! This was no surpise to us. Everyone knew that she would win. Just look at her “outstanding performance” as a black ignorant abusive mother, who made me want to jump through the screen on her and kick her you know what. I’m not trying to take away from Monique acting. It probably took alot of practice to be so cold hearted, but the exploit of our ignorance is celebrating more than our intelligence. And the Oscars is making big money off this. Just do your research on the dwindle viewer ship of the Oscars. It was on a decline. Now it is back on the rise since Berry and Washington win and the black line up they have used. When we will have a win like Ray.
When will black exploitation stop?
Written by Ja’neal Johnson

4 thoughts on “Winning the Oscars for Blacks:is it really a win or is it showing a side of blacks that exploits us?

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