Was a black travel blogger snubbed by Four Seasons Hotel over race?

(Twitter: Jessica Nabongo)

Travel blogger Jessica Nabongo has 20,000 followers and has been offered complimentary stays in 30 different hotels.

But when she wanted to stay at the Four Seasons in Saint Kitts, she was told her “demographic was not in line with [their] brand.”

Nabongo took to Twitter recently and posted an image of the email exchange in which the hotel denied her a complimentary stay and instead offered to give her information on how she could have a regular stay at the hotel.

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When she pressed them, the hotel replied, “Although your photography is beautiful and may speak to the aspirational traveler, we feel that it is not reaching a luxury brand clientele which is in line with our brand. Also, your overall reach isn’t significant enough for us to see an equal or greater return from your stay.”

“We were also informed by our corporate team that they have reached out to you on our behalf and felt that a partnership wouldn’t be the right fit at this time,” the email added.

Nabongo captioned the images of the email chain with a message showing her disbelief: “I’ve been to 106 countries, have 20K followers, have been offered comp stays at 30 hotels, featured in @Bloomberg and @CNTraveler. This is a first.”

Twitter, of course, responded swiftly to the news, slamming the hotel chain for the not-so-thinly-veiled snub.

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