Viral girl-fight video leads to arrests in Florida

(Screen capture)

On Monday afternoon, a group of women fighting drew a crowd as more than 50 people looked on, several of whom recorded the fight. 

Apparently, the fight started after a disagreement on social media spilled out onto the streets and continued to escalate as multiple women became involved in the brawl.

“I haven’t seen that many people out here in a long long time and we have block parties and everything, but that many people never come out,” a neighbor said.

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“People love confusion. So, whenever you get people that are fighting, or doing something else, you know just not good, people are just going to share it. It’s sad, but it’s the truth,” another neighbor said. “I felt really bad because I know a lot of the girls personally. And when stuff like that happens, it always escalates. People end up going to jail. People end up losing their jobs, their houses. It’s just, it’s not OK.”

The video was uploaded online and was viewed 25,000 times, which caught the attention of the Leesburg Police Department. The police identified nine people in the video, and according to authorities, they will all be charged with misdemeanor charges.

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