Tiny files for divorce from T.I.

(Getty Images)

Tiny and T.I.’s marriage is over.

Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. earlier this month in Georgia’s Henry County. They have been married since 2010 and have three children together, two sons and a daughter.

According to sources they have been having marital problems since before the photo surfaced of Tiny, Mariah Carey and Floyd Mayweather at Carey’s Halloween party.

As you may recall, T.I. and Mayweather are enemies of the highest order. When the photo surfaced, some thought the trouble would blow over but it didn’t.

Mayweather and Tiny’s soon to be ex-husband have had it out for each other since they got into a fight in Vegas back in 2014.

— Tamar Braxton called out over falling out with Tiny — 

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