Tanzania: Court Urges Speedy Hearing of Jamii Media Case

Photo: The Citizen

Maxence Melo, the co-founder of Jamii Media.

The prosecution in the cases facing Jamii Media Co Limited’s co-founder, Maxence Melo Mubyazi (40), has been directed to speed up investigations of the two charges levelled against him.

This comes after State Attorney, Mohamed Salum who prosecutes both cases informed the court that investigations in case number 456 and 457, which are before Kisutu Resident Magistrate, Thomas Simba and Resident Magistrate Godfrey Mwambapa have not been completed.

State Attorney Salum had earlier told the court that the cases only came for mentioning and requested for another date.

Reading the charges, the prosecutor alleged that on diverse dates between December 9, 2011 and December 13, 2016 at Mikocheni area in Kinondoni District in Dar es Salaam City, the accused, as the Director of Jamii Media Co Ltd, operated and used a website known as jamiiforums.com.

It was alleged that the website was not registered in the Tanzanian Country code Top LEVEL Domain (ccTLD), dotz. In the second count, Mubyazi stands accused of obstructing investigations.

The prosecutor charged that on diverse dates between January 2016 and December 13, 2016, the defendant refused to disclose data in his possession as demanded by the Tanzania Police Force, that was conducting criminal investigations on electronic communication published on the website.

The prosecutor further claimed in another case that on April 1, 2016 and December 13, 2016, at the same occasion and location, the businessperson refused to disclose data in his possession as demanded by the Tanzania Police Force.

Magistrate Simba and Mwambapa adjourned the cases to January 26, 2017, meanwhile the bail of the accused continues.

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