Hillary Adopts Bernie’s Progressive Free College Plan

In a bid to win over rival Bernie Sanders and his progressive supporters, Democrat Hillary Clinton college plan is expanding

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How the Elites Turned on Americans Fighting Against Corruption

Join Wolf PAC: http://www.wolf-pac.com/wolf_pac_membership_recurring_payment Members of Wolf-PAC New Mexico explain the recent fight with Common … Install this web app

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#BlackLivesMatter is Full of Shit

If you think that America is still run on racism today, then you must think America is racist, there is

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Fox News Outraged At Missouri College President Resignation

Students at the University of Missouri have been protesting rampant racist harassment on campus. The University President has resigned, and

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Megyn Kelly Panel Gets Heated Over Police, Black Lives Matter, and More – July 11, 2016

Fox News. July 11, 2016. Install this web app on your Android: Tap menu, more options, and then Add Shortcut

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