“Happy Indigenous Peoples Day”?!?! Left-Wing Radio host Mark Thompson – SiriusXM

Mark Thompson, progressive host of Make It Plain on Sirius XM, also a black reverend, wishes Jesse a happy Indigenous

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Move Out from Mama’s House & Live an Adventure. Or Stay and Be a Girl. (EXCERPT Church Aug 6)

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/4TQnLi_gns0 Sunday, Aug. 6, Jesse mentions Matthew 13 verse 12 where Jesus says: To him who has, more

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Black Man vs. Indian: “Forget About Being Indian! Just Be AMERICAN!” July 4, ’96 Prop 187 rally L.A.

July 4, 1996, Los Angeles, California Prop 187 rally against illegal immigration. A Native American man crashes anti-immigration protest and

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