Sheriff suspended after allegedly exposing genitals in park

Sheriff suspended after allegedly exposing genitals in park news Sheriff Jeffrey Mann

On Monday, DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was suspended after he was arrested last month for indecent exposure.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order to suspend Mann for 40 days. The suspension went into effect on Tuesday and was recommended by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr and two other country sheriffs after an investigation was conducted into Mann’s behavior.

On May 6, a bicycle patrol officer spotted a man in Piedmont Park in a section that, according to the officer, was “known for sexual acts after dark.”

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The man, who was later identified as Mann, exposed his genitals while walking toward the officer, who was hiding behind a tree in order to hide the reflective panels on his uniform. When the officer moved to identify and apprehend Mann, Mann ran from the officer for about a quarter of a mile before he was caught.

Since his arrest on charges of indecent exposure and obstruction of an officer, Mann has pleaded not guilty and has insisted that the entire incident was a misunderstanding. He was released from jail after posting bond.

Mann has been sheriff since 2014 when Thomas Brown, his predecessor, resigned to run for Congress. He won reelection in 2016.

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