RNC Director of Comm. for Black Media Calls Tweet Thanking Rosa Parks for Ending Racism a ‘Typo’

The Republican National Committee (RNC) incurred intense backlash after it tweeted about Rosa Parks’ role in ‘ending racism.’ As orlando_watsonmost people know, racism isn’t over and that was especially true when Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger in 1955.

RNC Director of Communications for Black Media, Orlando Watson, was interviewed by MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts on Wednesday morning and Watson attempted to downplay the tweet.

Watson reminded Roberts that prior to the tweet, the RNC had “sent out a statement, a statement right here that a lot of press offices received, as well as MSNBC, honoring the legacy of Rosa Parks.”

“A few hours later, a tweet went out that had a typo in it, a typo,” Watson continued. “We later clarified that typo, but continued to focus on the statement that honored Rosa Parks, yet no one wanted to cover this statement. A statement that didn’t have that typo in it. You yourself noted that, as well as others at NBC. ”

Roberts then corrected Watson, informing him that MSNBC had covered both the tweet by the RNC and the statement. Watson, however, continued to press on and speculate as to why the media focused on one tweet as opposed to the RNC’s written statement honoring Parks.

“Thomas, this is our statement here,” Watson explained. “I’ll read it to you if you would like, but we’re honoring the legacy of Rosa Parks. What those other people are obsessing over is a typo in a tweet. A typo in a tweet is old news. We should move forward.”

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