Rick Ross Returns Home After Spending Four Days Rumored On Life Support

Rick Ross Released From Hospital

It looks like Rick Ross is finally out of the woods regarding his health emergency.

If you’ll recall, Ross was found unresponsive inside his Miami home last Thursday morning, reportedly nodding his head and “slobbering at the mouth.” He was rushed to a local hospital for suspected pneumonia, however, according to TMZ, it turned out tp be a heart-related issue.

The rapper was placed in ICU and hooked up to an ECMO, a machine which essentially serves as “life support” by taking over all respiratory and heart functions.

It’s also reported that his condition got so severe that he ended up being transferred to another hospital that could better address his issue.

Several reports from Rick Ross’ camp and family say that the situation was nowhere near that severe…

However, all is well that ends well. Rick Ross reportedly returned home in the early hours of Monday morning and is receiving continued care at his home. And judging by his most recent Instagram post…

…he’s clearly not worried about it anymore. Hopefully, he’ll remain in good spirits and better health than he has been.



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