Religious Groups of Newark Coming together to Hold a Public Funeral to Bury the Violence

pwepoewpoewOn October 27, 2013, 211 Community Impact along with community-based organizations and funeral homes will hold a public funeral that will focus on ending the senseless violence that continues to plague the city of Newark, NJ.

“The Funeral to Bury Violence In Newark” will magnify the impact that violence and killings have on the local residents—and the community want to stand together in support, healing and renewal for the city of Newark.

There will be a few processions traveling on various routes within the city limits, eventually gathering at one central location where “The Funeral” service will be held.  Each procession will start at a church, mosque, etc., at 11:00am.  Afterward, there will be a viewing of caskets at “The Funeral” location at 12:00pm, and then the actual funeral service will begin at 1:00pm and is slated to end at 4:30pm.

Event organizers state, “The program for the “The Funeral” service will consist of youth speakers, remarks from the event organizers, impact statement from victims’ families, and tributes from local choirs and singers. Youth organizers from the participating CBOs and Newark public high schools will play a major role in organizing and planning the program for the “The Funeral.””

Participants are asked to arrive at each location at 10:00am to start lining up for the procession.  Here’s a list of members and active participants:

211 Community ImpactNewark Anti-Violence CoalitionFP Youth Outcry24 Hours of Peace LLCAntiIndustry.comStop Shootin Music,InfPower Music GroupWest Ward Economic Development Corporation

Participating funeral homes are:

Perry Funeral HomeWoody Home for ServicesChapels of Edan Funeral HomeJ.E. Chuman Funeral HomeCotton Funeral ServicesCushnie-Houston Funeral Home

For more information on “The Funeral,” (and if you would like to participate), please send an email to or leave a voicemail message at 862-781-0549.

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