Queen Latifah reportedly goes off on fan for saying she came out of the closet

Reported by Liku Zelleke

Queen Latifah is thrilled after her new HBO biopic “Bessie” was well-received by viewers. The critically-acclaimed story of blues legend Bessie Smith stars Latifah in the lead role. Mo’Nique played her mentor, Ma Rainey, and Tika Sumpter played her lover, Lucille.

The biopic was 22 years in the making, and Latifah insists the wait was absolutely worth it by saying the experience of playing the blues singer was like “driving with the seat belt off.”

Bessie Smith, who was known as the “Empress of the Blues,” was from a poor family in Chattanooga, Tennessee before she worked hard to become one of the most loved and influential blues singers of all time. Apart for being known for her songs that included “I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl,” “Give Me A Pigfoot And A Bottle of Beer” and “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out,” Smith was also famous for her hard drinking and her bis*xual capers.

Latifah herself has been the subject of rumor mills that have been trying to get her to open up about her own s*xuality — a subject which she chooses to remain defiantly silent on. Even after being spotted on several occasions holding hands and kissing her partner, Eboni Nichols, in public, Latifah simply avoids or ignores questions on the topic during interviews and conversations.

But she isn’t always silent, as a “Bessie” fan allegedly got to find out after running into the actress and commending her on performance and for finally “coming out.”

Reportedly, a National Enquirer reporter said, “Latifah, who never comments on her s*xual choice, was exiting a meeting at a Century City film studio when a 30-ish woman bustled up and asked about the new HBO film starring her as blues legend Bessie Smith.”

The woman also asked about Mo’Nique, who has recently been rumored to be difficult to work with.  She then congratulated Latifah for coming out of the closet.  Here is more of what the reporter claimed took place:

“Mouthy Babe asked if Mo’Nique’s hard to work with. Snapped Latifah: ‘Honey, I don’t talk about my co-stars that way!’ But when Flappy Lips told The Queen it’s great she’s playing a lesbian and finally ‘coming out,’ Latifah EXPLODED! Bellowing she’s doing nothing of the kind, The Queen shrieked. Stickin’ your nose where it doesn’t belong means you’re in the GUTTER!

“Terrified, Flappy turned and RAN!” 


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