Protester screams at Jesse Jackson, calls him a sellout

There are people who are critical of Rev. Jesse Jackson, sometimes for good reason.  But there are others who don’t know history and have no idea of how many times Jesse Jackson has nearly lost his life fighting for the rights of black people.  A protester in Ferguson, Missouri took it upon himself to ambush Rev. Jackson during a stop at McDonald’s, and the video is a bit surprising.

The widely-circulated video has the protester approaching the reverend, at first pretending to be an admirer.   Then, the person starts asking Jesse where he’s been and why he isn’t marching alongside the protesters.  Then, he starts to get irate, yelling at Rev. Jackson and calling him a sellout.

The reverend keeps his cool during the video and doesn’t argue back, but eventually moves on.  But this is a time to ask if people are able to remember the things that Jesse Jackson has tried to do for the last 40 years.   Also, Ferguson is one tiny city and there are hundreds of other cities across the country with millions of black people who are looking for Jesse Jackson’s help.  Does this man think that Jesse Jackson should ignore everyone so that he can focus on his problems in one small town?

For those who aren’t sure what Jesse Jackson has done for black people, here’s a piece of his resume.   This guy obviously hasn’t read it.

Jesse Jackson was born October 8, 1941, in Greenville, South Carolina. While an undergraduate Jackson became involved in the civil rights movement. In 1965, he went to Selma, Alabama to march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the 1980s he became a leading national spokesman for African-Americans. After being appointed special envoy to Africa, he was awarded the 2000 Presidential Medal of Freedom.

As Jackson’s national profile increased, so did his political involvement. Beginning in the late 1970s he began traveling around the world to mediate or spotlight problems and disputes. He visited South Africa in 1979 and spoke out against the country’s apartheid policies, and later traveled to the Middle East to throw his support behind the creation of a Palestinian state. He also got behind democratic efforts in the small island nation of Haiti.

You can read more here. If you want to watch the video, that’s below.


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