Pregnant Detroit woman threatened with racial slurs in her neighborhood

Pregnant Detroit woman threatened with racial slurs in her neighborhood news 1x1.trans

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A pregnant Michigan woman was surprised when she walked around her Detroit neighborhood and found herself subjected to racial slurs.

Mikea Eberhart, who is nine months pregnant, said that she had decided to walk around her neighborhood early on Sunday morning in an attempt to induce labor, because she had been having contractions. However, while she was walking around, a woman on the porch of a home nearby started to shout racial epithets at her.

“I was walking up the street… me and my two kids… a truck pulls up and says n**ger n**ger n**ger,” Eberhart told Fox 2.

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So, Eberhart pulled out her phone to record the interaction, in which the woman in question can be heard shouting expletives and epithets.

“Racism still exists and it’s very serious and it’s right in your neighborhood,” the mother of three said. “It’s very diverse here now… for her to make that scene… it was surprising to me… because I never encountered something like that.”

Eberhart also expressed her willingness to protest and said that she wanted the woman to face consequences.

“I want her prosecuted… I’m going to press charges… I want her in jail,” Eberhart said. “You threatened my kids. I don’t play about my kids.”

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