Nick Young Gives Iggy Azalea & French Montana His Blessing

Nick Young‘s tapping into his inner petty…but what’s new?

We imagined that the NBA baller wasn’t too thrilled when he heard about Iggy Azalea rebounding with French Montana – but apparently, he’s happy for her. When TMZ photogs asked if it hurts to see his ex-fiancée with the rapper, Swaggy P responded “No man, I’m happy,” before sarcastically adding, “I wish they’d get married.”

In fact, he says he’s so cool with French dating Iggy that he’ll buy his album. Iggy called it quits after finding out Nick was bringing random women into their home. She later found out he was also having a second kid with his baby’s mother Keonna Green, who by the way, did a full-on interview about her longtime relationship with the baller.

Watch Nick respond to Iggy and French in the video below.



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