Models under fire for posting throwback swimsuit photos of themselves on islands hit by hurricane 

Models under fire for posting throwback swimsuit photos of themselves on islands hit by hurricane  entertainment 1x1.trans

(Instagram: Kara Del Toro)

We’ve all seen the countless photos that swimsuit models post of themselves on social media but the newest trend is catching people a little off guard.

Three models have sent out well wishes to those suffering through the hurricanes that have destroyed whole islands and they have done it with accompanying shots of themselves posing on the beaches of those same islands.

This had led countless people to accuse them of being tone-deaf and self-absorbed.

Take Kara Del Toro for example, she is a 25-year-old model with over half a million Instagram followers. She posted a photo of herself on a beach in Turks and Caicos with this message, “Sending positive thoughts and good vibes to the islands right now,”

The image was shot earlier this summer and that island bore the brunt of the Category 5 hurricane on Friday. The storm, named Irma, has killed at least 18 people and destroyed countless homes. Experts estimate it will cost billions to repair the damage.

“Talk about tone deaf, as people are losing all of their property and in some cases their lives this is what you post? Selfish narcissist,” wrote one upset Instagram user.

Del Toro tried to defend herself by saying she is a native of southeastern Texas which was hit with Tropical Storm Harvey just last week.

“I also lost my property during Hurricane Ike,” she posted.

“We lost EVERYTHING we owned.. and last week my town was just destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

“If you were following me you would know that I have been a STRONG advocate to raising money for all victims people and animals of the last hurricane.

“I know what it’s like to be in their shoes. I’ve been there.

“So check your facts before you criticize someone for posting a photo in a beautiful location that has been hit by a storm.

“I was just there [in Turks and Caicos] last month. I don’t see any problem with sharing a little light in this world.”

— Mom donates over 1000 ounces of breast milk to Harvey victims — 

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Del Toro is not the only self-absorbed model out there. Lana Alexandra also posted sexy shots of herself and had people commenting things like, “This is in such bad taste. Millions in the path of a hurricane with their property and lives at stake and your thought is to post this? #idiot”

She spoke of how she was on vacation in Puerto Rico and it wasn’t that bad, she was going to stay and make the best out of her vacation.

“This is the first bikini photo that I would consider pathetic,’ wrote one Instagram user.

“How about you use your remaining ‘vacation’ time to lend a hand to people.”

Like Del Toro, Alexandra just had to defend herself.

“So I’m the only one who’s posting bikini pics right now??’ she asked.

“Why wouldn’t you complain about every bikini pic posted during hurricane Harvey and Irma and coming Jose and Katya? Posting a photo in bikini doesn’t make you heartless person.

“If you are so caring why do you waste your time checking out my IG account instead of helping people who are victims of hurricane??? Show in action how great you are.”

Maybe not the strongest defense.

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