Michelle Obama accidentally tweets former staffer’s number to 7.76M followers

First Lady Michelle Obama gets Snapchat assistance from her press secretary, Tustin’s JoJo Rosholm, and senior video producer Duncan Wolfe in June 2016. (Photo by Amanda Lucidon, White House)

On Friday, Michelle Obama’s Twitter account accidentally tweeted out a phone number belonging to a former White House staffer to all 7.67 million of her followers.

Duncan Wolfe, a former White House creative digital strategist, was flooded with phone calls, and any calls to the posted number were met with an “I’m not available right now” message as well as a notification that the mailbox was full.

According to an official who works for the Obama family, the tweet was sent out accidentally, and the former First Lady’s account was not, in fact, hacked.

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According to an official bio for Wolfe, he had worked for companies like McDonald’s, Toyota, Amazon, The New York Times and Humana. He worked with the First Family at the White House and would travel with the president and First Lady as well as Vice President Joe Biden.

Wolfe started out as an intern, but he is best known for the video that caught national attention when he captured both Barack and Michelle Obama on film dancing with 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin.

The tweet with Wolfe’s number has since been taken down.

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