Martin Luther King Jr. Inspirations From The Black Community

Why do we have Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

In the spirit of remembering one of the most famous Civil Rights Movement heroes of all time, we asked the Black Voices community how MLK has inspired them — to which there was no shortage of heartening responses.

We asked for your thoughts, feelings and opinions on the iconic figure of MLK:

Martin Luther King Jr. left a mountain of lessons in his legacy. We want to know how Dr. King has inspired you — as mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sister and brothers, friends and citizens. Tell us how MLK changed your life and why!

Here are some of the responses we received that prove MLK’s inspirational legacy is as strong as ever in 2015.

“No one can ride you if your back is straight. Happy birthday Doc!” — Tim Randall

“If you’re gonna dream, be bold, speak loudly, clearly, intelligently, with soul force, for the highest good!” — Noam Winter

“Hope. He gives me hope for the future. If a man can take a stand on so simple a principal there is hope for the men and women today. Stand when there is no one with you; Stand when all you have is a principal. But take a stand and defend it by any means necessary.” – Ernie Middleton

“The biggest lesson I gleaned from Dr. King is the value of service. At its best it requires sacrifice and courage.” — Pat J. Lissade

“Dr. King’s legacy has challenge me to raise my sons to look at the person and not the color of their skin. We all are created in the image of God and therefore we all are the one.” — Kimberley Lindeman Kenny

“I too have a dream” — Joe Crews



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