MAGA-Friendly Tiger Woods Wins Masters, Twitter Celebrates Racial Draftee

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

Everyone likes a great comeback story. Today (April 14), Tiger Woods won the Masters, his fifth time achieving the feat but first major tournament win in 11 years.

For a while it looked like Tiger was washed, and that’s not even including his personal life drama. Nevertheless, after climbing his way to the top, many on Twitter are celebrating the pro golfer’s achievement, including Steph Curry—which led to his own slander.

However, you can’t neglect that Mr. Cablinasian, who was sent on his way in Dave Chappelle’s racial draft many years ago, has been very MAGA friendly, hanging with Donald Trump.

So does Tiger get a pass even if he doesn’t exactly rock with Black people and condones the behavior of the Cheeto in Chief? But is the comeback story so epic that it grants him a pass?

As you can see in the tweets below, this debate is going heavy on social media. But it seems that the praise is winning out over his hot mess of a life. No shots.

So are y’all back rocking with Tiger or nah?











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