Lance Gross Speaks Out Against Colorism Allegations

By: Ryan Velez

Colorism is a difficult topic to address in the black community, in many cases, because it walks that fine line between calling people out for harmful behavior and trying to horn in on their personal lives. The Grio reports that actor Lance Gross had little time for people who tried to accuse him of colorism, after an Instagram post of his baby boy garnered negative attention.

Things started on Thursday, when Gross posted a picture of the infant, saying, “LL Kool G my little man’s color is comin’ in nicely! I’m hyped!” Sounds harmless enough, but many people made hateful comments towards Gross for being excited about having a darker-skinned son while being married to a lighter-skinned woman.

Gross had little time for the accusations against him and his family in his response, also posted to Instagram. “Two things I am proud of is the ability to smile through any situation and the rich melanin and layers my body…For my daughter or son to share that blessing makes me overjoyed. Miss me with the self-hate cause those assumptions are invalid. I love me more than anyone else,” he wrote.

“Colorism exists, yes, but y’all not about to label every dark skin Black man who is in a relationship with someone lighter complexion under that bus. I chose love not skin tone.”


This isn’t the first time that Gross has had to deal with accusations of colorism being leveled his way. In 2016, he came under fire after a group Christmas photo he took with some friends was publicized. Viewers were upset that all the men in the photo were paired with lighter-skinned women, while one dark-skinned woman was by herself. Gross quickly explained that “we’ve been doing the same joke for years,” and showed photos from past years as evidence for the joke between friends.

While Gross neatly wrapped up this situation as well as the current one, chances are that this isn’t the last time we’re going to hear a famous figure called out over colorism accusations. While it would be interesting to have a professional and honest conversation about the topic in the near future—chances are that insulting someone in the captions of their child’s photo is not going to be the way to start any meaningful discourse.

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