Judge who sent Meek Mill to prison being investigated by FBI

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

The FBI is reportedly investigating the judge who sentenced Meek Mill to prison for two to four years over parole violations.

The New York Post reported that Judge Genece Brinkley is being investigated for a possible “extortionate demand” as well as for a music mogul that she allegedly asked Mill to sign with.

–Did judge give Meek Mill tough prison sentence over petty vendetta–

The report claims that undercover agents attached to Mill’s case since April 2016 were aware of Philadelphia music mogul Charlie Mack suggesting to Mill that he could help with the case because he knew the judge.

Mack has since denied that claim.

Meek’s lawyer has also claimed that the judge asked him to remix a Boyz II Men song with a shout-out to her in it, but he refused. Mill’s lawyer has since claimed that the overly harsh sentence is a result of that rejection.

But with the FBI investigating, it looks like Mill might just get a break.

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