Historically Black Morris Brown College Teams Up With Point University

Morris Brown College, the historically Black educational institution in Atlanta, has entered into a partnership with Point University in West Point, Georgia. Under the agreement, graduates of Morris Brown College will be able to enroll in graduate programs at Point University and receive a tuition discount.

Kevin James, interim president of Morris Brown College, stated that “we could not be more pleased that our hardworking students who have matriculated at MBC have this tremendous opportunity to continue their studies in pursuit of a graduate degree at a superb institute of higher learning that is Point University. We (Morris Brown College and Point University) are two Christ-centered schools that are models of leadership and by working jointly we are advancing Christian education and critical experiences of our future leaders.”

At this point, the agreement will have a small impact as only 35 students are enrolled at Morris Brown College. In 2002, the college lost its accreditation due to an unstable financial position. Morris Brown College is seeking accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. The college has stated that it hopes to be listed as a candidate for accreditation later this year.

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