Girlfriend Stabs And Slices Her Man With A Samurai Sword For Downloading Tinder To His Phone

They say hell hath no fury

Woman Stabs Boyfriend With Sword Over Cheating Suspicions

A Washington man just found out the hard way that his girlfriend was NOT the one to mess around on.

According to the New York Post, Emily Javier stabbed her boyfriend Alex Lovell multiple times with a Samurai sword she happened to have lying around the house after he had fallen asleep.

Apparently, Javier had been planning to murder her boyfriend for several weeks. She had found someone else’s hair in the shower, scratches on his back, and discovered that he had downloaded the Tinder dating app to his phone.

Somehow, even though she had had enough of his isht and was determined to take him out…she had second thoughts once all his blood got to spilling everywhere after the stabbing.

She immediately placed a frantic call to 911, admitting to stabbing her boyfriend and telling them to hurry, because she was pretty sure he was dead.

Fortunately, Lovell is expected to pull through, though the damage done by his multiple stab wounds is as-yet-undetermined. Seems like it may have been easier just to break up…



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