Ghana – South Africa Trade – The Market Place on Joy News (19-6-18)

Government challenged to boost manufacturing in order to bridge trade gap.

One thought on “Ghana – South Africa Trade – The Market Place on Joy News (19-6-18)

  • December 30, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    Ghana and Nigeria needs to create big corporations that can come to South Africa and help SA reduce their unemployment crises. SA had lots of big corporations in both Ghana and Nigeria yet Nigeria is a biggest economy in Africa. We don't want the small Nigerian or Ghana shops in SA we can let the poor SA run and control those. We want big corporations from Nigeria something that is not in SA. No cement company please Nigeria we have that already we want Cocoa from Ghana so that we mix it with our pineapple juice and to make other products from it. Nigeria and Ghana are both too loud but really don't have big corporations they can bring to SA.

    Maybe its time both Ghana and Nigeria thought of big corporations that can be brought to SA than allowing a few of their citizens come to SA to perform drug sales, passport sales, and to squabble with the poor SA left behind in the townships running barbar shops and small spazza shops. We want what SA provides that way trade balances.

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