Fox News Anchor Lies on Obama: Now She’s Apologizing for More Fox News Bad Journalism


Attacking President Obama appears to be the full-time job of Fox News, even if they have to lie in order to get it done.  Anchor Anna Kooiman stated this week that President Barack Obama offered to pay for a Muslim museum with his own money out of his pocket during the recent government shut down.  Not only would this be prohibitively expensive, it is also not true.  But since when did Fox News care about the truth?

The remarks were made during the Saturday show “Fox & Friends.”  While most journalists might be fired for such an ugly half-truth, Kooiman will probably end up getting a raise and promotion.  She claimed that as the president was paying for a Muslim museum, other more “American” projects, like the World War II monument, were not being funded at all.  Of course the Fox News audience ate it up, since they want to believe that the president comes from another planet.

Kooiman did tweet a quick, open apology.  But it appears that her “source” was a satirical news site that loves to make fun of crazy things that conservatives want to believe  So, much for actually checking your sources.


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