For The Culture: Atlanta Tastemakers Attend Hendrick’s x Cam Kirk Half Birthday “Unusual Event” [Photos]

Hendrick’s/Kivenchy/Keenan Litmon

Hendrick’s Hosts Special Half-Birthday Celebration For Cam Kirk Studios

Atlanta photographer Cam Kirk celebrated the anniversary of his studios last week with a special Hendrick’s half birthday event.

Chilly O Cam Kirk

Hendrick’s/Kivenchy/Keenan Litmon

33 of Atlanta’s tastemakers and cultural curators came together at STK to celebrate one of Atlanta’s creative curators, Cam Kirk, and the home he’s built to provide a space for other innovators to network and create. Navarro welcomed guests to a most unusual celebration with a quick history of the brand and warm words about our guests of honor and his link to the Atlanta community.

Hendrick’s/Kivenchy/Keenan Litmon

Guests sipped on the Cucumber Southside (the night’s favorite cocktail), the Fall All Over, and the Hendrick’s Gin Lemonade while sharing a delicious dinner family style. In a special surprise moment, Cam Kirk honored those who work at his studio with an unusual half birthday cake while the room cheered their success!

Hendrick’s/Kivenchy/Keenan Litmon

Notable Attendees
Ceej, DJ/Producer
Chilly O, Godfather to Atlanta Creative
Jason Reddick, ASCAP
John Canon, Photographer
Janee Bolden, Bossip
Mike Boska, Chef 5115 Restaurant Group
Amber Grimes, Spotify
Original Fani, Designer
Ashley Gray, Celebrity Makeup Artist
Keshi Igrushi, Designer
Trévon Williams, Von Allen Agency
Taelor, Stay+
Malita the Mogul
Elijah Watkins, One Music Fest


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