F**k 12: Swine-Scented Detroit Cop Beats The Living Hell Out Of Mentally Ill Naked Woman In Hospital

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Detroit Cop Caught On Camera Beating Naked Woman

There are tens of thousands of examples of why Black folks scream “f**k 12“, but here’s another one if you really need it.

According to ABCNews, a yet-to-be-named 18-year veteran of the Detroit police department (a brotha at that) has been “suspended” after he beat the living hell out of a naked and mentally ill woman inside a local hospital.

The whole thing was caught on camera, both by a witness and the officers’ body cameras. Police Chief James Craig would like us to believe that as ugly as it looks (and it is VERY ugly) there is some context to why the officer would use such violence…

“Certainly the suspect, in this case, became very agitated,” Craig said. “She was threatening, clenched fists. She spat on several of the hospital employees. In addition to that, a member of the security staff was bitten twice and sustained injury.”

“At some point, she tried to bite the officer who used force,” Craig said. “So as he was trying to calm her down, at some point, the officer began to strike her because she wasn’t responding, she was not compliant.”

Thin blue line alert. SMH. We have video of the violent incident on the next page. It is very disturbing. Flip it over to have a look see.

There’s absolutely NO justifying this. We don’t care who she bit or spit on. If you can’t physically restrain at naked woman inside a hospital without treating her like George Foreman, then you should find another job.


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